School-Based Services

School-Based Services

SPG Remote Services and Resources

SPG Remote provides multidisciplinary teletherapy services to students, including Speech, AT/AAC, OT, PT, Behavior, Psych, and Mental Health Services, through a secure HIPAA-compliant video conferencing platform.


Need a hybrid solution? Our SPG Remote and on-site team can customize a solution that will support all of your needs both remote and in-person with a hybrid solution tailored specifically for your district. Contact our SPG Remote Team so we can get you the support you need!



  • CA Licensed Therapists providing remote direct services, supervision, consult, staff development, team training, classroom programs, and parent support
  • Transition Support Team: We are flexible based on your needs, providing a seamless custom solution of onsite and or remote services
  • Assessment Team: We can assist or manage the completion of accumulated assessments remotely or in collaboration with your or our onsite team
  • Individual and group therapy, consultations, training, and classroom support
  • Caseload Management: We can support your onsite team or work independently to provide therapy
  • IT and SPG Remote tech teams available to troubleshoot and support if any technical or operational issues arise



  • Maximize state funding
  • Ensure compliance
  • SPG Remote offers the same high-quality services you have come to expect from SPG onsite therapists
  • Solution for multiple service interruption scenarios, including unexpected or scheduled leaves, increased caseloads, high-risk students


If you have any questions you can contact the SPG Remote team at 916-563-7130 or


Check out our online resources and tools that can be beneficial in facilitating better communication and understanding between parents, staff, and other members of the IEP team.