School-Based Services

School-Based Services


Our skilled and talented OTs help children to fulfill their role as students by supporting their academic achievement and promoting positive behaviors necessary for learning. OTs have expertise in environmental and activity analysis to increase access, participation, and progress in daily school routines.


OTs focus on each student’s strengths by designing and implementing meaningful interventions to increase inclusion and accessibility. In the school setting, OTs offer services along a continuum of promotion, prevention, and interventions and serve individual students, groups of students, whole classrooms, and whole school initiatives. Occupational therapy practitioners collaborate with the education team to support student success in both general and special education.


  • Regional Clinical Supervisor assigned to provide seamless clinical and technical to assist with questions, concerns, caseload/workload management issues, and support with contentious IEPs.
  • Consult with education staff with academic modifications/accommodations to support diverse learning abilities and alternative educational assessments by striving to meet common core state standards, as appropriate.
  • Assessments conducted in accordance with state and federal guidelines accompanied by comprehensive, legally defensible reports covering all areas of abilities and suspected disability.
  • Documentation Management: therapy notes, attendance registers, progress reports, and IEP goals.
  • Knowledgeable in digital IEP Management system platforms, e.g. Special Education Information System (SEIS), SIRAS.
  • Provide assistive technology to support student access to their educational environment.
  • Educational staff training and support on students to increase (physical) access and safety such as reducing barriers that limit students’ participation with the school environment
  • Preparing students for successfully transitioning into appropriate long-term goals for post-high school employment, independent living, and/or education opportunities.
  • Contribute, promote continuous engagement and education as a multidisciplinary school team member of cultural sensitivity, diversity, and anti-bullying initiatives.
  • An education team member contributes to educational frameworks such as Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Multi-tier System of Supports (MTSS), and Response to Intervention (RtI) for general education students to receive targeted intervention sooner by monitoring students’ progress using specific evidence-based strategies and timelines.


Additional Services

  • Placement and supervision of OT Students in Fieldwork I and Fieldwork II.
  • Professional Development training on a variety of specific topics to targeted audiences.
  • IEEs (Independent Education Evaluations) include, not limited to assistive technology, sensory processing, visual-motor integration.



Our highly trained pediatric COTAs provide services within the scope of their practice by implementing treatment plans documenting progress and data collection for children/students under the supervision of a registered and licensed occupational therapist. COTAs demonstrate the skills required to perform the tasks delegated to them, must be knowledgeable about the legal scope of work as well as be able to self-reflect on their current level of competence.