Professional Development

Professional Development

For Therapists & Technicians

Whether you’re providing teletherapy services or long distance learning as a temporary solution or have a permanent teletherapy model, SPG Remote’s online resources for teletherapy can provide helpful tools for facilitating better communication and understanding between parents, staff and other members of the IEP team.





Weekly Activity Calendar – English » and Spanish »

How to Provide Teletherapy for Students with Complex Needs - Video Tutorial »

How to Balance Synchronous and Asynchronous Teletherapy - Video Tutorial »
CA Department of Education Distance Learning Innovations »


Speech & AAC

AAC Prompt Hierarchy »

How To Administer AAC Evaluation Genie for Teletherapy - Video Tutorial »

What is Core Vocabulary? »



School-based Perspectives for Physical Therapists during COVID-19 »

Milestones: Fine Motor/Gross Motor Skills »
Pediatric Occupational Therapy Services: Resource Guide for Families During COVID-19 »
School-Based and Early Intervention Occupational Therapy Services – Decision Guide for COVID-19 »



Executive Functioning Tips for Distance Learning »

Trauma Informed Tips for Educating Through Coronavirus »

Superhero Emotion Detective »

Positive Self-Talk Worksheet »

Kindness Cards »



Distance Learning Success »
PBS for Families: Precorrection » (Spanish version »)
PBS for Families: Choice » (Spanish version »)
PBS for Families: Token Economy » (Spanish version »)
PBS for Families: Specific Praise » (Spanish version »)
PBS for Families: Error Correction » (Spanish version »)