Speech Therapy For Adults

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Speech Therapy For Adults

Our clinics are primarily driven by pediatric services; however, SPG does accept adult referrals and can provide experienced speech-language pathologists who are qualified to support adults with communication needs. Teletherapy services are also a positive avenue to provide services to adults in the comfort of their home when in person services are not available.


Please note, SPG is out of network for most insurance companies including Medicare.


Adult Services provided by the Speech Pathology Group include:


  • Identifying needs/interests/hobbies/strengths to personalize therapy
  • Including caregiver training/support
  • Using pictures to facilitate language/conversation
  • Creating an individualized notebook as a reference tool
  • Accessing resources (e.g., books, websites, music)
  • Using breathing techniques to become aware of and control the inhalation and exhalation of air (a building block of communication)
  • Exploring alternative modes of communication (e.g., writing, drawing, singing)
  • Using visual and auditory feedback devices to aid in speech sound production (e.g., mirror, voice recorder, sound pressure meter)
  • Fostering a success-oriented treatment atmosphere

To learn more about SPG’s Speech Therapy Services contact our Clinic Scheduling Coordinator at (925) 945-1474 x 0 or inquire by emailing scheduling@speechpath.com